Cap City Cobras Close Out year at Back Lot

The Cap City Cobras capped off their season with a holiday party at Back Lot. Another great season down, and we’re already looking forward to practice on February 24! We want to thank everyone that came out to drink and laugh with us this season, and we can’t wait to do it again in 2019!

Fangs First!

This Year’s Cap City Cobras Award Winners

O.C (Original Cobra) Award - Tom Ligh

Cy Young Award - Tucker Francis

Family Award - Grace Coronado

Fangs First Award - Ian Stowe

Gladys Knight Award - Thomas Slanker

Gold Glove Award - Joel Karabach

Most Improved Player - Matt Bowers

Most Valuable Player - Matt Hampton

Rookie of the Year Award - Ryan Jestice

Reid MeyerBack Lot