In 2014 on a beautiful May day, our founder Will Thomson decided he wanted to play some baseball. In his own words, Will describes his inspiration as follows:


“I had just finished watching Ken Burns Baseball the night before, and woke up all hungover* and weepy about the nostalgia the documentary had instilled in me (* I was hungover as hell because hard liquor is the only way to keep Ken Burns siren baseball song from putting you straight to sleep). In my blurry state that morning, I decided that if those goofy bankers and firefighters in 1790 Manhattan could muster the energy to find teammates, and a field across the Hudson River in New Jersey's Elysian fields to play a children's ball game; then I could drag my happy ass over to Play-it-Again Sports, score some catcher gear, post a selfie on Facebook inviting all comers, and go scope out the field across the Colorado River I'd had my eyes on the last couple years.”

            Will actually bought two bats, catcher’s gear, a bucket (named Byron), a baker’s dozen of baseballs, and a couple cases of beer. The people who came out that first day did not come because of potential games or glory – they came out for the love of the game (and, let’s be honest, the beer). At that time, the idea to form a legitimate team had not even been entertained, we met on Sundays for good times, Sunday Sandlots, and a couple beers. Will had no idea that his fondness towards baseball and willingness to get out there would eventually result in the Cap City Cobras.


            Then on one fateful day, a member of the East Austin Jardineros’ front office walked into Will’s workplace for a cocktail or two, and proceeded to inform him that there were actually two sandlot teams, the East Austin Jardineros and Texas Playboys. The Jardineros were gracious enough to scrimmage and have mashups with our crew of misfits – denim cutoffs, chain wallets, and all. It is safe to say that Cobras would not be here without the Jardineros’ help and guidance. At this time we were known as Arena Domingo (aka Sunday Sandlot), but this became confusing as we often played on Sunday. So we set out to find a new name. Around the time (aka July of 2015) that the search for our new name began, the Austin Cobra emerged and in his spirit Capital City Cobras were born.

Austin Cobra #1.jpg
Austin Cobra #2.jpg

            Finally on July 10th, 2015 still under the name of “Sunday Sandlot” we had our first official game against the East Austin Jardineros at Govalle the Proper. Playing about once a month for the remainder of the 2015 season, we did not record a win, but did secure a beer sponsor (PRIORITIES). During this season, Will laid out the team’s 3-part philosophical approach: 1) Show Up; 2) Play Well; and 3) Have Fun. Our poor play, and winless record, did nothing to deter our spirits. In fact, we were more excited than ever to be emerging as Austin's next sandlot team.


            As the 2016 season rolled around, the team had shed the Arena Domingo moniker, and officially became the Capital “Cap” City Cobras. With our new name, we decided to change beer sponsors and played under the banner (and influence) of Pabst Blue Ribbon. 2016 was the turning point in Cobras history. We recorded our first wins, named Seth Kessler to be our first team captain, started to develop a fan base, found a couple cornerstone players, and, with renewed dreams, began to look towards the future. While we did not have a winning record, we knew we were building an organization – one we hope will be around for many years to come.

Designed by Steve Hunt (Jardineros #5)

Designed by Steve Hunt (Jardineros #5)

Will Smoke.jpg

             Riding high from 2016’s successes, the Cobras solidified their brand and committed to the Cobra C and our beloved black and white. We developed a partnership with a favorite local water hole, The Workhorse Bar, and changed our beer sponsor to the Big Bend Brewing Company. Furthermore, we began to play much better baseball. 2016 saw our first legitimate win streak, and we finished the season with a 10-5 record. This was quite the accomplishment, considering the Cobras’ history of losing. However, tragedy stuck when our founder left the team. he didn't die or anything, he just moved away from Austin. Upon his departure, team captain, Seth Kessler, bought the team for $37.00, and immediately named Thomas Wesley King to assistant manager. While Will's departure was a bitter pill to swallow, he had set the Cobras up for success, and the team answered the call. 2017 was the Cobras best season – both on and off the field.

Cobra Jersey_Hat.jpg
Cobras Dugout 2.jpg
Cobras Dugout 1.jpg

            Tired of their beloved practice field’s condition, which resembled a pasture more than a baseball field, the Cobras decided to dedicate some blood, sweat, tears, and dirt to team up with community partners and renovate the field using Cobra cash (our own funds). We built a batter's box and a mound, installed bases, and built sliding pits. We are pumped to start 2018 season, and cannot wait to get in between the white lines.

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Mound 1.jpg
mound 2.jpg